In our previous blog post we discussed how anomalies in Australian policies and business practices are making it tough for women to stay in (or return to) the workforce. Now let’s see what could happen if we gave women more flexibility and made things more equitable for them. Sweden has one of the most generous paid […]

If you’re a soccer fan, you may have been shocked to hear that former Socceroos captain Lucas Neill has declared bankruptcy in the UK following a career where he earned more than an estimated $40m. If only he’d followed the first four rules to becoming a successful self-directed adviser, which we wrote about in our Financial […]

I had the opportunity to be in the UK for the two weeks leading up to their referendum on whether to remain in the EU or leave. And it provided a fascinating insight into how a nation can split itself along both generational and geographical lines. I spent a lot of time visiting relatives—baby boomers […]

Julian and I can honestly say we love what we do. And considering we spend most of our waking weekday hours at the office, we’re lucky we can say that. (I suspect we’re very much in the minority.) We happily spend our time catching up with clients, solving problems on their behalf, and working on […]

Why are so many smart people so stupid when it comes to money? To help illustrate my point, try answering the following question. (I’ll provide the answer at the end of the article.) Jack is looking at Anne, but Anne is looking at George. Jack is married, but George is not. Is a married person […]

What makes an expert an expert? Are people born to be natural public speakers? Or do they stumble through their first few engagements, and slowly, over time, become more and more comfortable with standing at the front and being the centre of attention? Certainly no one comes out of university a certified expert, although I […]