What makes an expert an expert? Are people born to be natural public speakers? Or do they stumble through their first few engagements, and slowly, over time, become more and more comfortable with standing at the front and being the centre of attention? Certainly no one comes out of university a certified expert, although I […]

When new clients come to see us, they usually need help with some financial complicity or milestone event in their lives they don’t have the time, expertise or motivation to deal with themselves. And that’s fine. Many of these people also have a financial path or investment option they’d like to take on. And again, […]

Another day, and another report that Sydney’s property market is one of the most expensive in the world. Of course, the media tends to focus on the prices themselves because all those zeros make it seem more dramatic. But if you’re a new home owner, or simply trying to get into Sydney’s property market, there […]

For as long as anyone can remember, owning your own home has been the great Australian dream. Exactly why I’m not sure. The Europeans certainly don’t understand it. Yes, living in a property you actually own can give you a warm and fuzzy feeling at night. And not having to deal with real estate agents for the […]

Here in Australian we love property. We love being in it, renovating it, talking about it and complaining about it. And a lot of those complaints are perfectly valid. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, it’s getting harder for first home owners to get a foothold in the property market. But since the realisation […]

Budget, what an absolutely revolting word! Budgeting has become synonymous, at least in our line of work, with cutting back, reining in or going without. It’s little wonder that most clients start shifting in their seat at the thought of a budget. In fact, budgeting has less to do with taking and more to do […]