You would think as a financial adviser, I would say me. But as a reformed accountant, I have a unique perspective on things. Sometimes it is the financial adviser, typically when the client in question is an employee. Even someone on a salary of a million dollars a year can have simple accounting needs. In […]

It’s a bright Monday morning in Sydney, and the offices of Plenary Wealth are buzzing—not with the chatter of people, but with the harmonious hum of AI at work. The company, known for its forward-thinking approach, has embraced AI to enhance its services and client interactions. Josh, one of the co-founders, starts his day by […]

Every decision we make is composed of both conscious and unconscious bias, however, just like you wouldn’t seek a general practitioner (GP) for a complex heart issue or cognitive decline, you shouldn’t rely on non-specialists – or, worse, no advice at all for important financial decisions. Why then do we witness each day clients who […]

Let me paint a picture here. Things are looking good.  You’re 50 years of age, happily married, living in your forever home with no debt. Your kids have all left school and are starting to fend for themselves. You’re at the peak of your powers professionally and are looking to retire by 60. Suddenly you […]

When I meet clients for the first time who are considering a granny flat arrangement, their concern is that Mum or Dad may have to see out their days in a semi habitable building in the far back corner of their yard. Fortunately, this increasingly popular arrangement continues to evolve, and nothing could be further […]

From the day we start school (if not before), we’re told that we are all unique examples of the roughly 100 billion humans who have walked the earth. If this was the case then why are we all so consistent, predictable and almost boring when it comes to money? It affects us all on such […]